It's not little stuff - it's LIFE stuff.

The diagnosis of a life-threatening illness changes so much. But one of the things that doesn’t change is that life still has all of its “ordinary” expenses, ones that are not covered by insurance plans or assistance programs. 


Southern Ohio Survivors’ sole mission is to help fill the needs that larger organizations overlook such as having enough gas to get to an appointment, affording the food for a nutrition plan, finding a warm hat or blanket when they are out of season, talking to people who share your diagnosis, regaining strength and confidence lost from treatments, and more.


  • We’re not looking for cures or funding research.

  • We aren’t doctors or bankers trying to solve your health or financial problems.


We’re ordinary people who understand how ordinary life changes with the diagnosis of a terminal disease.


We are here for YOU...

for your everyday LIFE.

At Southern Ohio Survivors, we realize that everyone’s situation, and needs, are different. Our goal is to help you with the everyday thing that other organizations don’t provide. Maybe you have a bucket list item that’s almost within reach, or can’t afford extra books to read during recovery. Whatever it is, ask us! We will do our best to provide what we can.

The Unexpected

Support from friends and family are essential to getting through tough times. But there is an entire community out there willing to provide love and support as well! Southern Ohio Survivors hosts or participates in a variety of events throughout the year so that you have an opportunity to get together with lots of people who care.

Social Support

Dealing with cancer is a physical and mental challenge, but studies show that regular exercise can help relieve stress, anxiety, and combat some of the side effects common to cancer treatment. Southern Ohio Survivors hosts a chapter of the Kellman® Beat Cancer Boot Camp®, a national program designed to help you build strength and stamina to overcome the obstacles ahead.


Diagnosis and treatment have no season. When you are cold in the middle of June, warm caps and blankets aren’t so easy to find on store shelves. Southern Ohio Survivors has partnered with Chillicothe Correctional Institute to produce soft, warm hats and blankets all year-round, so we can give them - free of charge - to survivors.

Hats & Blankets

Groceries can be expensive enough, but the dietary changes that come with special nutrition plans are sometimes out of reach. To help mitigate the higher cost of food, Southern Ohio Survivors offers pre-paid cards so you can get the food you need.

Food Costs

You can also download this form 
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One of the first things that comes with diagnosis is more appointments, some of which may be further away than usual. These extra trips can quickly take a toll on the budget as every mile costs money at the gas pump. Southern Ohio Survivors can help offset the cost of fuel with pre-paid cards to keep your tank full so you can get wherever you need to go.

Fuel Expenses

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